TVGP ODNF Episode 023: Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

Featuring: Paul “Moonpir” Carver-Smith and Jess Carver-Smith
Running Time: 43:09

This month in ODNF we head across the pond to Visit one of Moon’s great shames, a true English classic.

Of course this is Four Weddings and a Funeral, probably the birth of Hugh Grant’s mainstream career, and a whole lotta legacy behind it too.

Will the dynamic duo enjoy a calmer stroll into classic movies with a romantic comedy kinda thing, or will it fall flat like an English joke?

Intro and Outro Reel effects from justsoundfx on youtube
Break sound effects courtesy of NoiseCollector over at
First music – Not for be – Elton John Sings Gerswhin
Second music – Love is all around – Wet Wet Wet

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