About That Video Game Podcast

That Video Game Podcast (TVGP) is a video game podcast that began in 2007.  The goal was to be a clean, mature podcast where you can hang out with us every week and get an honest opinion about the games we’re playing.  A new episode gets posted every Monday at midnight.

TVGP was founded by Michael “Boston” Hannon and Brad Fellers in late 2007 and continues to this day.


Logo and album art created by Matt Crane. See more of his work at: DeviantArt and Flaming Elk.


Intro music created by John “MusiM” Beauchamp.  Listen to (and purchase!) his music at his website.

License Info

We at TVGP highly encourage you to share, remix, post, embed, etc. (for non-commercial purposes) any of the audio or video we produce. For more information on the Creative Commons License that TVGP uses, please click on this tiny button here:

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Additional Information

Any opinions expressed in this podcast, any blog posts, or TVGP social media posts are the views of the author and do not represent the views of the company I am employed by.